Scan it

The ION Scanner can turn your un-sorted, un-stocked cards into live inventory in less than a second per card.

Stock it

With the ION Retail Platform, your entire stock can be browsed and purchased online, via our full-featured Ecommerce suite.

Sell it

The ION Retail Platform maintains a central price database, so you'll never need to worry about keeping up with market prices for your stock.

The ION Suite of Products

ION Retail Integrates with the TCGplayer Marketplace

We're excited to announce TCGplayer Marketplace and ION Retail integration!
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How Can ION Help Your Business?

We used ION Scanner to scan over 150,000 cards just for Pucatrade. At one point, we had a running inventory of over 75k cards. The ION Advanced Scanner has allowed us to easily surpass all competition in Puca Points sent.

Card Logic, Columbia, SC

It's great for quick price checks at Grand Prix booths. I don't have to stop what I'm doing to look up a card price.

Troll Trader, Cornwall, UK

Since we joined ION, Magic singles sales have exploded. Our staff’s time has been freed up, since customers can now search our inventory on their own.

Battlegrounds, Norwalk, CT

We're loving the Advanced Scanner. It's sped up our processing and turnaround time more than we could have anticipated.

The Deck Box, Asheville, NC

I plugged my old Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 - from 2008 - into ION Scanner. The scanner read every single card accurately with perfect quality!

Jarred Juett, Indianapolis, IN

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