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ION Retail Integrates with the TCGplayer Marketplace

ION Studios is happy to announce full ION Retail integration with TCGplayer Pro accounts!

Effective immediately, ION Retail clients will be able to sync their inventory between TCGplayer Pro and ION Retail. In addition, ION Retail's Point-of-Sale system can be used as a Point-of-Sale for TCGplayer Pro.

While TCGplayer Pro offers the powerful tools you need to grow your sales across channels, we’re also working with partners to provide you with more ways to manage your inventory and connect to the TCGplayer Marketplace. In addition to the existing sync option, CrystalCommerce, you can soon choose from connections such as ION Retail, Fulcrum, and Digital Relics. These provide powerful choices for the POS solution your store needs, while enabling you to control your inventory across marketplaces and unlock access to every product you sell.

You can read the full announcement here.

Common Questions

What will I need in order to take advantage of this integration?

The TCGplayer Pro integration is available to brick-and-mortar stores with both an ION Retail account & a TCGplayer Pro account.

How do you prevent over-sells between sites?

Over-sells happen when an item sells on two channels within a short time frame. They can lead to lost revenue, upset customers and serious reputation damage. In addition to maintaining a continuous two-way sync with TCGplayer, our system also performs a final stock check at the last second before a transaction on either platform is completed.

Both ION and TCGplayer have card scanning software. Which should I use?

You can use either scanner to enter your inventory. Changes to your inventory in one system will automatically update the other!

Do I need any special hardware or equipment?

All you need is a USB camera for the card scanner. If you already have a camera for TCGplayer Quicklist or the ION Scanner, continue using it. If you need a camera, we suggest the Ipevo V4K HD tabletop camera.

Are there any extra fees for the TCGplayer Pro integration?

No, the TCGplayer Pro integration is included with all ION Retail accounts. Normal transaction fees for ION Retail and TCGplayer Pro apply.

What happens to my TCGplayer Pro stock when I sell something through the ION Retail's POS?

When you complete an in-store order at the point of sale, your TCGplayer Pro inventory is automatically and instantly adjusted to match.

What happens to my ION Retail stock when I sell something through TCGplayer Pro?

Same as above, whenever your inventory changes in one system, it automatically updates in the other!

My store already has an ION Retail account. What do I need to do in order to enable this integration?

If you have an ION Retail account, you can create a TCGplayer Pro account to enable sync between both accounts. Specific instructions to follow on launch.

Where can I learn more about TCGplayer Pro?

Visit TCGplayer's site for full details about the TCGplayer Pro service.

I don't have an ION Retail account yet. How do I get started?

You can sign up for ION Retail to get started! If you have any questions or concerns, take a look at our support & documentation or contact client services.

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